Frequently Asked Questions

While most of the information that you’ll need is included on this website, there are a few questions that we do get asked more than others. Answers to these are listed below.

Q: Is there parking at the start and/or finish line?

A: There is ample parking at the finish line, but parking is virtually non-existent at the start line. We strongly discourage anyone from driving to the start line as it will only lead to unnecessary congestion, complication and stress for all. A complementary bus service (to the start line and from the finish line) is provided to make things easy for competitors.  

Q: Can supporters take the bus to and/or from the start/finish line?

A: Due to capacity constraints, the free bus transport is only available to competitors and we are unable to extend this to include any supporters.

Q: Can supporters access the course during the event?

A: Yes. Although there is no intersecting access to the trail, supporters can make their own way onto the trail from the finish line to spectate and cheer on runners.

Q: Can my friends and family follow my progress on race day?

A: We expect to be pushing out split times from each aid station after competitors start arriving at that aid station. The URL for this link will be published on our Facebook page on race day morning. The same link can be accessed repeatedly and will pick up the refreshed results.

Q: Is there cellphone coverage on the course?

A: There are a couple of points late in the course (55 km’s onward) where you can get varying (weather and network dependent) quality phone reception. Most of the course has no phone coverage.

Q: Can I include gear in my drop bag, or is it for nutrition only?

A: You can use your drop bag for whatever you wish - not just nutrition - but we do ask that you only pack things that you genuinely expect to use to limit our flying weight, logistics and handling.

Q: What happens if I do not make one of the course cut-off times?

A: In the interests of safety and logistics and out of fairness to others, cut off times are a hard and fast feature of this event. Competitors will not be allowed to continue if they depart an aid station any later than the specified cut-off times (listed under ‘Race cut off times’ on the ‘Race Info’ page). If a competitor fails to meet the first cut-off time, they will be required to self-exit the course by returning to the start line (unless incapacitated), from where you will be transported back to Westport. If a competitor fails to meet any of the subsequent cut-off times, they will be removed from the course by helicopter. A contribution of up to $300 towards transportation costs (helicopter) will be payable where removal circumstances are non life-threatening and result from fatigue, capitulation and/or failure to meet the cut off times due to pace.

Q: How do I withdraw from the race?
A: Please let us know if you wish to withdraw by emailing We will process the withdrawal for you, along with any applicable refund.

Q: What is the refund/transfer policy?

Our policy on refund and transfers is covered in Conditions 7 to 11 of the Terms and Conditions of entry. Please study the details and dates contained in these Terms to avoid any frustration or disappointment.