Entering the Old Ghost Ultra requires explicit acceptance of necessary terms and conditions.  If we all get very clear up front about how things will work in the event of any unforeseen or forced changes, then we'd like to think we can all save ourselves misunderstanding and disappointment later on.  The terms and conditions applicable to the Old Ghost Ultra are below. You'll be required to accept these during the entry registration process if you wish to participate.

1.      I agree that I have entered this event at my own risk in all things including but not limited to accident, injury, medical event, and any damage or loss of any kind to person or property.

2.      I agree that none of the organisers, sponsors, volunteers or any party associated with this event shall have any liability, financial or otherwise, which might arise, whether or not by negligence, from any direct or indirect loss or damage of property or person which might be sustained by me or any party directly or indirectly associated with me, from any intended or actual participation in this event or its related activities.

3.      I indemnify the organisers, sponsors, volunteers or any party associated with the event from any liability resulting from any act or failure to act on my part.

4.      I agree to abide by all race rules and any requirements included in the entry details as listed on the event entry form, website, programme, other material, and as advised at any time up to and including during the event. For the avoidance of doubt this includes any instruction by race marshals, course officials or medical staff and attendance of the compulsory pre-race briefing.

5.      I authorise information given on the event entry form and/or my voice and/or image may be used for promotional purposes.

6.      I confirm that I have made full disclosure of any matters that might affect my entry or participation in this event including any medical condition and that I authorise the release of this information in any circumstance that the organisers deem it necessary in their discretion. 

7.      I accept that in the event that any "Act of God" or any circumstances beyond the control of the organisers results in any changes or cancellation of this event, my total entry fee is not refundable.

8.           In the event the race is cancelled by any force majeure, safety concern or weather event, entrants will receive a 50% refund of their entry. The decision lies solely with the organisers and is final.

9.      A $50 administration fee will apply to any competitor withdrawing from the event up until 3 weeks before the event date.  Withdrawals within 3 weeks of the event (i.e. on or after February 3rd 2018) will forfeit their entire entry fee. Race merchandise orders will not be refunded for any withdrawal on or after December 1st in the lead up to the event. 

10.  Transfers of race entries, for whatever reason, are not possible, either to another person or to a future year.

11.    I accept that no refunds will be paid to any entrant who fails to participate or fails to complete the course for any reason.

12.   I accept that if I do not make the designated cut off times at the various Aid Stations along the course that I have no recourse for a refund. I further accept that, depending on the Aid Station location and/or circumstances to be determined by Race Officials, I may have to make my own way off the course.

13.   I further accept that if for whatever reason I am not permitted to continue that I may have to share, part or total, in the cost of transporting me off the course. This may be by way of helicopter or whatever means the organizers deem is necessary at that particular time. In the interests of certainty and where these circumstances are non life-threatening (i.e. fatigue, capitulation or failure to meet the cut off times), a maximum fee of $300 will be payable.   

14.   I confirm that I have the physical and mental aptitude to take on the Old Ghost Ultra with a high degree of confidence of completing the event successfully, safely and within the cut off times. 

15.   I confirm I have read and agree to be bound by these conditions as part of my entry.