Wait-list for 2018 Old Ghost Ultra

The wait-list for the 2018 Old Ghost Ultra is below (in priority order). The participants' home country is New Zealand unless otherwise stated. Wait-listed competitors will be invited to join the field as spaces become available and in order of priority (highest place on the wait-list invited first). This list is current as of 18th October 2017.  

  1. Richard LEARY, Christchurch
  2. Rachael GREEN, Wellington
  3. Paul RYAN, Randwick (Australia)
  4. Andy HIGGINSON, Christchurch
  5. Kelly MABBETT, Tauranga
  6. Byron MUNRO, Tauranga
  7. Alison FLEMING, Ashburton
  8. Blair ANDERSON, Okitu
  9. Dave KEEN, Mapua
  10. Denise MAYLIN, Auckland
  11. Russell MAYLIN, Auckland
  12. Britta MARTIN, Nelson
  13. Angela BISHOP, Dunedin
  14. Rachael TUCKER, Paddington (Australia)
  15. Brendan COLL, Greymouth
  16. Neil ANDERSON, Aroona (Australia)
  17. Christopher JENKINS, Lakelands (Australia)
  18. Silas CAREY, Oxford
  19. Steve BEATSON, Nelson
  20. Lynn STANWAY, Cromer (Australia)
  21. Brendan WALSH, Cromer (Australia)
  22. Steve BUSHBY, Greymouth
  23. Anne-Marie COOK, Greymouth
  24. Polly TAYLOR, Blenheim
  25. Matthew WOMACK, Wellington
  26. Megan MUFF, Geraldine
  27. Michael HAWKER, Katoomba (Australia)